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Java User Groups: A Holistic Review
By Matt Schuetze February 13, 2016
I’d like to build on the notion Simon outlined in his post earlier. I hadn’t attended a Java User Group (“JUG”) meeting until I started with Azul. I got sent with two days of prior notice to speak to … more »

An Embeddable 'Run in Postman' Button for Your API
By Kin Lane February 13, 2016
The popular API client tool Postman just launched an embeddable "run in Postman" button, that you can use to fast-track integration with your API(s). Shortly after I wrote a post about the i … more »

Google Android Studio 2.0 Beta is Now Launched
By Alfred Beiley February 13, 2016
IntroductionThe latest news from Google is that it has released the Android 2.0 Beta, which the latest version of its Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Until now, the preview was released, but … more »

Revamping the Security API in Java EE 8
By Reza Rahman February 13, 2016
JAAS, JASPIC, JACC. If those acronyms do not sound familiar, you are in good company. I have been developing with Java EE for almost two decades and I was not terribly familiar with them until I serio … more »

Pattern of the Month: Information Radiator
By Ian Mitchell February 13, 2016
Walk across the departmental floors of any “agile” organization, and you are likely to stumble upon whiteboards which have been co-opted to show the progress of work by teams of people. Index cards or … more »

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SitePoint PHP Blog: How to Build Your Own Dependency Injection Container
February 12, 2016
The SitePoint PHP blog has posted a tutorial showing you how to build something that's become an integral part of most frameworks and applications practicing modern PHP development: a dependency … more »

Geert Eltink: Zend-Expressive Console CLI Commands
February 12, 2016
In a new post to his site Geert Eltink shares how he added console command support to Zend Expressive, a PSR-7 framework from Zend that recently hit it's v1.0 mark. zend-expressive does not come … more »

Symfony Finland: What eZ Platform adds to Symfony
February 12, 2016
On the Symfony Finland blog Jani Tarvainen has written up a new post sharing some of the things that eZ Platform adds to Symfony and what kind of functionality it brings with it on top of the usual Sy … more »

Adam Culp: SunshinePHP 2016 Recap
February 12, 2016
For those that weren't able to make it to the Sunshine PHP Conference this year, organizer Adam Culp has posted a quick recap of the event and some of the good, bad (and unfortunately ugly) that … more »

Site News: Popular Posts for This Week (02.12.2016)
February 12, 2016
Popular posts from for the past week:SitePoint PHP Blog: 3 More Joins You Should Be Familiar With PHP Town Hall Podcast: Episode 46: Christmas Theraphpy Marc Morera: You Probably Need … more »