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New Fully Containerized API Management Platform
By Tom Smith April 25, 2017
Red Hat, Inc. has introduced Red Hat 3scale API Management as a fully containerized, on-premise offering for end-to-end API lifecycle management. The on-premise release builds the existing cloud-based … more »

Guide to Separate JRE Versions From NetBeans Platform Installer
By Asutosh Gopinath April 25, 2017
In an enterprise set up where updating Java on a client machine is not allowed due to software restriction policy, it becomes challenging to develop and ship applications which require the latest vers … more »

Building a Twitter Clone With Neo4j: Part V
By Max De Marzi April 25, 2017
In part four, we continued cloning Twitter by adding hashtag and mentions functionality. Then, we went beyond that by adding the ability to edit a post. So, we have a social network where people can f … more »

Thread Pool Starvation? Just Add Another Thread
By Oren Eini April 25, 2017
One of the nastier edge cases with TaskCompletionSource is that you can attach a continuation to that which will run synchronously. You can avoid that to a certain extent by using RunContinuationsAsyn … more »

Everything You Need to Know About Redshift Spectrum, Athena, and S3
By Roi Avinoam April 25, 2017
Last week at the AWS San Francisco Summit, Amazon announced a powerful new feature: Redshift Spectrum. Spectrum offers a set of new capabilities that allow Redshift users to seamlessly query arbitrary … more »

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PHP Town Hall Podcast: Episode 53: Developer Relations, Travel, and Bedbugs with Jessica Rose
April 25, 2017
The PHP Town Hall podcast, with hosts Amanda Folson and Ben Edmunds, has released its latest episode: Episode #53 – Developer Relations, Travel, and Bedbugs with Jessica Rose . Jessica is the lead of … more »

CloudWays Blog: Phil Sturgeon Talks About API Development, PHP-FIG, PHP Books And The Future Of PHP
April 25, 2017
On the Cloudways blog there's a new post sharing an interview with Phil Sturgeon with some of his thoughts about API development, the PHP-FIG organization, PHP-related books and the future of the … more » 35 programming habits that make your code smell
April 25, 2017
The Tech Beacon site has posted a list of thirty-five programming habits that make your code "smell", little things that you might do every day without knowing they could be causing issues w … more » How to configure PHPStorm to use PHP-CS-Fixer
April 25, 2017
On the Hackernoon site there's a recent tutorial showing you how to hook the PHP-CS-Fixer tool into PhpStorm for easy execution during development rather than after. The PHPStorm IDE by JetBrains … more »

SitePoint PHP Blog: How Privileged Are Programmers? Are You a John, Too?
April 25, 2017
On the SitePoint PHP blog Christopher Pitt has written up a new article, a story about "John" a developer caricature that's all too familiar in the development world and how you can gro … more »