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Don’t Trust the Cloud: Why It’s About More Than Just Security
By Abner Germanow November 29, 2015
With Amazon Web Services revenues reaching $5 billion over the last year (as reported in Amazon’s financial statement) and Bessimer Venture’s Cloud Index reflecting another $17 billion in 2014 cloud r … more »

Setting Thresholds With Quantiles
By Baron Schwartz November 29, 2015
I was talking with someone the other day about a visualization I remembered seeing some years ago, that could help set a reasonable value for a threshold on a metric. As I’ve written, thresholds are b … more »

Latest Machine Learning Algorithm Helps Astronomers With Research
By Jaffer Wilson November 29, 2015
All kids have a habit of gazing at the stars and other celestial bodies like the sun and the moon. Stars, always remain a center of wonder for humans. The field that study stars and other celestial bo … more »

Testing Code That Catches Exceptions
By Paul Zabelin November 29, 2015
In Objective-C throwing NSException is a bad way to control flow of the program. Usually we want to return a boolean result and set NSError to indicate there was an error.Sometimes we need to write co … more »

Wildfly Swarm JAX-RS in a Docker Container Deployed to IBM Bluemix
By Kevin Hooke November 29, 2015
More playing with Docker. Now, where can I deploy a container ‘for real’ to the cloud? A few options:AWS has EC2 Container Service (ECS). If you haven’t used AWS before you can get a year of AWS for f … more »

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Lorna Mitchell: Generating a File List for Phan
November 27, 2015
Lorna Mitchell has shared a tip she's found helpful when using the phan static analysis tool for finding only PHP files via a simple grep. Phan is the PHP Analyzer for PHP 7 code. I've been … more »

Ben Ramsey: Lack of Hypermedia
November 27, 2015
In a post to his site today Ben Ramsey shares his response to a question about hypermedia in APIs and how they could make the API more brittle if used incorrectly. One of the most common problems I se … more »

Site News: Popular Posts for This Week (11.27.2015)
November 27, 2015
Popular posts from for the past week:Sound of Symfony Podcast: Episode 9 – The past and future of Symfony Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Sebastian Bergmann Freek Van der Hert … more »

Developer Drive: Looming PHP 7 and its effect on WordPress
November 26, 2015
On the Developer Drive site they've posted an article for all of the WordPress users (and other curious folks) about the impact PHP 7 will have on the current WordPress system. It’s no big secret … more »

SitePoint PHP Blog: Liking, Watchlisting and Uploading through Vimeo’s API
November 26, 2015
The SitePoint PHP blog continues their series looking at using the Vimeo API from PHP with the second part of their series, enhancing the previous functionality. In this new tutorial they show you how … more »