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Create a RESTful Interface for an App From RAML in Anypoint
By nikhil bangar January 21, 2017
A RESTful interface for an application will have the listener for each of the methods defined by the API to interact with it. GET:cust\  more »

Preventing Account Takeover (ATO)
By Mike Milner January 21, 2017
Hackers are dedicated criminals. They will work hard to exploit any vulnerabilities in your website and network — because there is a lot of money in it for them when it works. One popular way of break … more »

Dan Bricklin: The Inventor of the Electronic Spreadsheet [Video]
By Amy Groden-Morrison January 21, 2017
Steve Jobs once told an interviewer that “if VisiCalc had been developed for another computer, you’d be interviewing somebody else.” has selected a presentation by Alpha Software Corporation’s … more »

Utilizing Strategy to Fuel Your Big Data Initiatives
By Linda Gimmeson January 21, 2017
In today’s data-filled world, it seems like everyone is during to big data, and for good reason. Companies that successfully enact big data initiatives tend to have lower costs and higher revenues. Bu … more »

Operating at High Velocity With Spring Cloud Microservices [Video]
By Pieter Humphrey January 21, 2017
Releases are hard for many large organizations with complex systems. Challenges like manual processes, change approvals, compliances, legacy systems, varying deployment targets, and scheduled downtime … more »

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Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Shawn Mayzes
January 20, 2017
The Voices of the ElePHPant podcast, hosted by Cal Evans, has posted their latest in the series of interviews with members of the PHP community. In this latest show Cal interviews Shawn Mayzes. Cal an … more »

Matthias Noback: Introducing the SymfonyConsoleForm package
January 20, 2017
In a new post to his site Matthias Noback introduces you to a package that can help you in your Symfony-based console application, combining the Form and Console components, to make it easier to creat … more »

Master Zend Framework: How To Generate Class Factories The Easy Way with FactoryCreator
January 20, 2017
The Master Zend Framework site has a new tutorial posted guiding you through the process of generating class factories the easy way with the help of the "FactoryCreator" tool in the Zend Ser … more »

Laravel News: How to Use Old Versions of Laravel Homestead
January 20, 2017
On the Laravel News site they've posted a tutorial by Joe Ferguson showing you how to [use older versions of Homestead](, the box not the … more »

Site News: Popular Posts for This Week (01.20.2017)
January 20, 2017
Popular posts from for the past week:Laracon EU: Announcing Laracon EU 2017 the official European Laravel conference. Adam Wathan: Optimizing Your PHPUnit Workflow in Sublime Text Nik … more »