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RSA Keynote: Josh Corman On DevOps
By Jessica Lavery February 19, 2017
Josh Corman gave another engaging and informative talk at RSA about DevOps and how it is changing the way we think about security. As he says, DevOps is here, and is the future of development. Compani … more »

PostgreSQL at 10TB and Beyond: Solving Volume, Velocity, and Variety [Video]
By Chris Travers February 19, 2017
The PostgreSQL at 10 TB And Beyond talk has now been released on YouTube. Feel free to watch! If you follow Planet Perl Iron Man, there is a short function that extends SQL written in Perl that runs i … more »

PuppetConf 2016 (Part 4): Kubernetes for Sysadmins [Video]
By Mark Wilson February 19, 2017
The way IT operations teams deploy and manage their infrastructure is constantly evolving. The latest developments in containers and container scheduling technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and M … more »

Why You Should Know Language Server Protocol
By Federico Tomassetti February 19, 2017
The Language Server protocol is used between a tool (the client) and a language smartness provider (the server) to integrate features like auto complete, goto definition, find all references and alike … more »

Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI): Eager Extensions
By Sumith Puri February 19, 2017
CDI does not provide eager extensions out of the box. Even though there is @ApplicationScoped, which is intended to work in a similar way to eager instantiation, it does not behave in the specified fa … more »

Latest Technology Articles

SitePoint PHP Blog: Achieving Modular Architecture with Forwarding Decorators
February 17, 2017
The SitePoint PHP blog has a tutorial posted from author Eugene Dementjev covering the use of "forwarding decorators" to create a more modular architecture for your application. As your web … more »

AWS Developer Blog: Automating the Deployment of Encrypted Web Services with the AWS SDK for PHP (Pa
February 17, 2017
The Amazon Web Services blog has posted the second part of their series covering the automated deployment of encrypted web services with the AWS SDK. In this new tutorial (part two, part one is here) … more »

Matt Stauffer: Defining console commands via closure in Laravel 5.3
February 17, 2017
Matt Stauffer has posted the latest article in his "New Features in Laravel 5.3" series today. In this new tutorial Matt focuses on the creation of console commands – additional functionalit … more »

Nikola Poša: Testing conventions
February 17, 2017
In a new post to his site Nikola Poša has suggested some testing conventions he's worked up over his time in development across projects. Testing is an essential aspect of development, and test c … more »

Adam Culp: Setting up local step debugging with PhpStorm
February 17, 2017
Adam Culp has posted a new tutorial to his site showing you how to set up local debugging inside PhpStorm combining it with the Zend Debugger tool. Setting up debugging in an IDE with a local developm … more »