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Running Your Phoenix Tests Using Docker
By Jason Kriss September 26, 2016
One of the many benefits of using Docker is that it can make testing your applications much easier. Want to test out your Phoenix app on the newest version of Elixir? Easy — just change one line in th … more »

Angular 2: Using the JSONPipe for Debugging
By Juri Strumpflohner September 26, 2016
A powerful way of debugging (especially templates) in Angular 1 was the JSON pipe (or filter) which could be used within a template. The pipe still natively exists in Angular 2. Here's how you ca … more »

Undercover Testability Killers
By Erik Dietrich September 26, 2016
If you were to take a poll of software development shops and ask whether or not they unit tested, you’d get varied responses. Some would heartily say that they are, and some would sheepishly say that … more »

IOPS: Benchmarking Disk I/O – AWS vs DigitalOcean
By Christopher Sam K September 26, 2016
IOPS ConsiderationConsider that you are extending your operations to cloud or planning to change your hosting cloud provider or buying a new VPS. How do you decide the VPS provided by a cloud provider … more »

Top Streaming Technologies for Data Lakes and Real-Time Data
By Greg Wood September 26, 2016
More than ever, streaming technologies are at the forefront of the Hadoop ecosystem. As the prevalence and volume of real-time data continues to increase, the velocity of development and change in tec … more »

Latest Technology Articles How is everyone doing development locally today?
September 23, 2016
On the /r/php subreddit from there's a post from Spvrtan asking the community what technologies they're using for local development in their day to day development work. It's … more »

Remi Collet: Microsoft SQL Server from PHP
September 23, 2016
In this recent post to his site Remi Collet shows you how to set up your PHP installation to allow it to work with a Microsoft SQL Server as it's data store. Here is a small comparison of the var … more » Building a Welcome Page for Your WordPress Product: Code Part 1
September 23, 2016 has started off a new series of posts for the WordPress users out there showing you how to build a "welcome page" for your WordPress site and product. In the first two articles … more » How Much Coding Should Designers Know?
September 23, 2016
The site has an interesting post mostly relevant to those out there that straddle the line between design and development. It wonders how much coding should a designer know to get the job d … more »

Site News: Popular Posts for This Week (09.23.2016)
September 23, 2016
Popular posts from for the past week:Freek Van der Herten: Taking care of backups with Laravel PHP 7.1.0 Release Candidate 2 Released CloudWays Blog: Getting Started With Sil … more »