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More on How Servlets Work in Java [Video]
By Ram N April 17, 2019
In the video below, we take a closer look at how servlets work using a flow chart. Let's get started! more »

Scaling Benchmarks With More Robust UseNUMA Flag in OpenJDK
By Swati Sharma April 17, 2019
What happens when you run a Java application without checking your hardware configuration? Obviously, your application lags in terms of performance. For small applications, you need not to worry, but … more »

The Process of ETL Testing: How it Maintains Data Integrity and Consistency
By Claire Mackerras April 17, 2019
First, let's understand what is ETL. This notation stands for Extract-Transform-Load. For large-scale firms, initially, the data is extracted from the source systems and then transformed into spe … more »

The Adapter Pattern in Swift
By Florian Marcu April 17, 2019
At iOS App Templates, we are building fully coded mobile templates written in Swift to help developers and entrepreneurs create their minimum viable products more quickly. Part of our mission is to pr … more »

Playing Space Invaders With Your Own Voice
By Javier Vázquez April 17, 2019
After some time testing voice games in my Alexa device, one question came to my mind… Why not try to convert a classic game control system to a Voice User Inteface? So let's do a simple experim … more »

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Toptal Engineering Blog: Laravel Zero Downtime Deployment
April 17, 2019
Updating live applications used to be a tedious and somewhat risky affair, but with the emergence of modern development frameworks and tools, updates and deployment are becoming straightforward. In th … more »

The Zend Blog: Zend Framework transitions to the Linux Foundation
April 17, 2019
Since its inception, Zend Technologies, and later Rogue Wave Software, has been single-handedly leading and sponsoring the Zend Framework project. Over the years, Zend Framework has seen wide adoption … more »

JoliCode blog – les derniers articles: Find Segfaults in PHP like a boss
April 17, 2019
A bit of history Sometimes, a segfault happens, but you don't know where, and your PHP installation does not have tools to find it. Or sometime, you think PHP is hanging, but you don't know … more »

Arkadiusz Kondas Posts: The right way to call assertion in PHPUnit
April 17, 2019
During the preparation of TDD workshops, I began to think about how to write assertions. It turns out that there are several possibilities, but is there the only correct one? more » Zend Framework becomes Laminas project
April 17, 2019
Today it was announced that Zend Framework is being rebranded as Laminas project. Along with the rebrand comes some other important changes as well. Yes, this includes Expressive and Apigility, so con … more »