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8 Things You're Doing Wrong in Your App, and How to Fix Them for the New Year
By JustinaPerro February 9, 2016
Having a solid onboarding process is critical for promoting a strong relationship with users from the get go. When a user launches your app for the first time, there should be clear cut instructions o … more »

Testing REST APIs With REST-assured
By Praveer Gupta February 9, 2016
REST APIs are HTTP-based web services that adhere to REST architectural constraints. If you look up now-a-days systems that talk to each other over the web, it is highly probable that you will find RE … more »

The Challenges of Database Change Deployment Processes — Part 3
By Yaniv Yehuda February 9, 2016
This is part 3 of a 4 part series on database deployment automation. In part 2 we examined the seven top challenges of automation for the database. We will now look at the commonly used 'compare … more »

Microservices in Practice
By Kasun Indrasiri February 9, 2016
Nowadays, "Microservices" is one of the most popular buzz-words in the field of software architecture.  There are quite a lot of learning materials on the fundamentals and benefits of micros … more »

Using Factory Methods to Simulate Map Literals in Java
By February 9, 2016
Unlike many modern programming languages, Java does not support the notion of a "map literal"—that is, a map whose contents are declared using a dedicated language construct rather than bein … more »

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Thijs Feryn: Making the PHPBenelux Conference happen
February 8, 2016
If you've considered starting up a technical conference and wanted to get an inside look at what it takes, check out this recent post from Thijs Feryn about what it takes for the PHPBenelux organ … more »

SitePoint PHP Blog: 3 More Joins You Should Be Familiar With
February 8, 2016
On the SitePoint PHP blog Zach Wallace shares more database wisdom with his readers introducing three more JOINs you should know in your development work. There are many ways to JOIN data from two dat … more »

Michelangelo van Dam: PHP Arrays – The php array functions
February 8, 2016
Michelangelo Van Dam is back with another part of his series covering the use of arrays in PHP. In previous articles he covered some of the basics including operations and associative arrays but in th … more »

Josh Justice: Approaches to Testing: A Survey
February 8, 2016
On the CodingItWrong site Josh Justice has written up an interesting article about the different "schools" of testing and the approaches they take. While it's not specific to PHP testin … more »

PHP Town Hall Podcast: Episode 46: Christmas Theraphpy
February 8, 2016
The PHP Town Hall podcast has returned with their latest episode, the first in 2016: Episode 46: Christmas Theraphpy. Ben and Phil have a little catch-up to try and get things back on track after a li … more »