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Crash Reporting and APM: What's the Difference?
By nicko84 December 12, 2017
How do crash reporting and APM (Application Performance Management) differ? After all, both promise to detect problems affecting your users and both advertise that they discover errors or crashes. The … more »

Cloud Happiness: How to Install New OpenShift Container Platform 3.7
By Eric D. Schabell December 12, 2017
Since the release of the OpenShift Container Platform, it has been my desire to provide a simple, fully configured, and easy-to-use installation. This installation needs to have the Red Hat Middleware … more »

How to Make a Collapsible Custom ActionBar in NativeScript
By Shiva Prasad December 12, 2017
When you take a look at apps which follow the Material Design specifications, collapsing a toolbar is one of the most common behaviors you'll see. In this pattern, when the user scrolls down the … more »

Introducing Interaction-Driven Design
By Sandro Mancuso December 12, 2017
TL;DR: IDD is an iterative approach to software design and development based on Outside-In Development which focuses on modeling behavior according to the external usage of the system while maintainin … more »

Get on Board the Digital Transformation Ship With a Data Backed Strategy
By Ida Jessie Sagina Samuel December 12, 2017
Mathias Döpfner was restless. He was appointed as the CEO of the 70-year old publishing house Axel Springer in 2002 and in just over a decade, Döpfner led Axel Springer to be way ahead of its peers by … more »

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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (12.12.2017)
December 12, 2017
Latest PECL Releases:stackdriver_debugger 0.0.2Fix windows build configuration opencensus 0.1.0RC2RC1 for alpha release. – Refactored internal data structures to match OpenCensus models – Supports cre … more »

Matthieu Napoli: Organizing code into domain modules
December 11, 2017
In a post to his site Matthieu Napoli shares some recommendations about how to organize the code in your application using a "domain modules" approach. This is an organization method that re … more »

Laravel News: Creating Your Own PHP Helpers in a Laravel Project
December 11, 2017
The Laravel News site has a quick post sharing a helpful topic for the Laravel users out there. In the tutorial they show how to create custom helpers for use across the entire application in any scop … more »

Gonzalo Ayuso: Authenticate OpenUI5 applications and Lumen backends with Amazon Cognito and JWT
December 11, 2017
On his site today Gonzalo Ayuso has a tutorial posted showing how to create authentication in OpenUI5 applications with the help of Lumen, Amazon Cognito and JWTs. Today I want to create an UI5/OpenUI … more »

Dhurim Kelmendi: SOLID Principles made easy
December 8, 2017
In a post on the site Dhurim Kelmendi shares an introduction to the SOLID principles of software development, a set of guidelines that can help to make your software more robust, flexible and t … more »