What you need to Create Cutting Edge Website

Have you ever wondered that what you need to develop fancy, competitive, appealing, easy to use, friendly websites?

Yes, this is what developers all over the world are wondering that “Hey, how did this website incorporated this friendly feature?”.

The solution is easy-

You need to clear your fundas of new generation techniques being used by developers and most importantly your logic.

Developers use one or all of the below listed resources to create a cutting edge solution-

1. Server Side Scripting

  • PHP (Server side scripting)

2. Client Side Scripting

  • JQuery
  • DOJO
  • AJAX – Javascript with PHP
  • HTML & DHTML (yes certainly)

3. Database (Store user information) like MySQL

Thats it.

Were you expecting more?

Basically this is what top rated website use to develop interactive, user friendly sites. Now how to use all of the above technologies is a totally diffrent task. Here you will requre the expertise to know- what to use and where to use.

By: Gaurav Kumar
Technical Lead in Open Source Technologies

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  4. Nills says:

    Thanks, I always used to think that how the hell people create such sites. What they use?