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Handle Webhooks With Serverless PHP
By Lorna Mitchell February 22, 2018
Did you know you can serverless with PHP? OK, so serverless is clearly not a verb, but since I love serverless tech and have also loved PHP for longer than I'm going to admit (the dates of the ea … more »

Distributed Sagas for Microservices
By Yos Riady February 22, 2018
In this article, learn about the distributed saga pattern, how it helps ensure correctness & consistency in microservices, and how you can use AWS Step Functions as a Saga Execution Coordinator. T … more »

High Throughput and Low Latency Master-Slave Replication
By Manu Dhundi February 22, 2018
There are different kinds of data replication models — mainly, master-slave (Couchbase, MongoDB, Espresso), master-master (BDR for PostgreSQL, GoldenGate for Oracle), and masterless (Dynamo, Cassandra … more »

Getting Data From the Web
By Mustapha Mekhatria February 22, 2018
In this article, I will show you a nice and clever way to get/copy a table from a Wikipedia web page using a simple JavaScript syntax. If you are not familiar with JavaScript, don’t worry — you can st … more »

Beginner’s Guide to Creating Chatbots Using Dialogflow (
By Suraj Kumar February 22, 2018
In this article, I will show you how to create a simple chatbot using Dialogflow. You will find here details about the tools and technology used to do this. This article also has a walkthrough of Dial … more »

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Site News: Blast from the Past – One Year Ago in PHP (02.22.2018)
February 22, 2018
Here's what was popular in the PHP community one year ago today:Rasmus Lerdorf: A bit of PHP history Ian Cambridge: Code Review: Single Responsibility Principle Jeroen de Dauw: Implementing the C … more »

That Podcast: Episode 47: The One Where Silex Is Dead
February 21, 2018
That Podcast, with hosts and PHP community members Beau Simensen and Dave Marshall, have posted their latest episode (#47): The One Where Silex Is Dead In this new show Beau and Dave are joined by gue … more »

Laravel News: Testing Length Validation in Laravel
February 21, 2018
On the Laravel News site there's a new post that gets into detail about length testing in Laravel. This testing evaluates the length of the text data taken in as input from some outside source (u … more »

Community News: Recent posts from PHP Quickfix (02.21.2018)
February 21, 2018
Recent posts from the PHP Quickfix site:6 Things I Learned as an Exhibitor at SunshinePHP 2018 :: #sunshinephp, #conference, #exhibitor Safely Seed Your Vue Components with Blade Doub … more »

Community News: Latest PECL Releases (02.20.2018)
February 20, 2018
Latest PECL Releases:ssdeep 1.1.0* Patch for PHP 7 support (remicollet) Add basic Windows support (weltling) apcu_bc 1.0.4- promote as stable (no change) APCu 5.1.10- fix gh#247 when a NUL char is use … more »