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Challenges of using Node.js

Node.js is a powerful tool for executing server side javascript. But it’s too have some pitfalls. It is not possible to use traditional servers (ex. Apache), so a good hosting company will be more difficult to find.a Knowledge of Advanced Javascript is required. The Node.js core is compact, you will need additional modules and customization […]

How to install latest version of Node.js

While installing node.js from the repository it often installs old version of the software. It’s best to update the software repository using- $ sudo apt-get update If the above commands does not provide you with the latest software then use- $ curl -sL | sudo -E bash

Multisite in Drupal 8

Preface Setting up default main/root Drupal site- “” Setting a sub-site “” Prerequisites Creating a staging folder Creating settings.php Creating a sites.php file Adding a virtual host entry for both main and staging site Adding virtual host entries Enable the site Add entry in /etc/hosts file Restart Apache Setting up “” site