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Tutorial on what is Selenium IDE and how to use Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is a graphical interface to selenium. It is a Firefox plugin that does record and playback the interactions with the browser. its is just one of the very popular and useful ways to write selenium scripts.

Automation testing using integration of Selenium, PHPUnit, Ant and create reports

Prerequisites for the integration of automation suit Selenium, PHPUnit and Ant are as below- Install Ant Download ant from “zip” file for windows. Follow all the steps for installation and  also optionally install the libraries as mentioned Automation testing using integration of Selenium, PHPUnit and Ant Run Selenium through command […]

Executing and Creating Selenium RC automation test cases using PHPUnit (by Sebastian Bergmann)

Setup PHPUnit framework assuming PHP 5.2.x is already installed in your system. If not download wamp to install PHP or browse download section to install PHP. Make sure your PHP path is set in your environment so that you can execute PHP through command prompt. For reference check step 3 and 4 of […]