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Tutorial on how to create a theme in Drupal or create custom theme in Drupal

Tutorial on how to create a theme in Drupal or create custom theme in Drupal Following is the step by step guide to create a theme in drupal. Lets say name of your new theme is “mytheme“. Where to place the theme? All custom themes are generally places in “sites/all/themes/” folder. Create a “themes” folder […]

Drupal- Ten Easy Step to Step Guide on How to Run Multiple Web Sites from single Drupal Installation with the same code base (multi-site)

The key is that you need to create multiple MySQl database (for different websites), create a new directory in “/sites/your-site-name” folder which includes “default.setting.php” file renamed to “settings.php” and finally have your virtual host settings correctly setup. Thats it!

Drupal- What is the difference between Page.tpl.php and Node.tpl.php in drupal?

There is a very basic question which everyone asks that what is the basic differences between node.tpl.php and page.tpl.php? Page.tpl.php This template holds the wireframe of the webpage/website like- blocks, regions, header, footer, css, js files and most importantly “main content” etc..

Drupal- How to include a file in drupal template, theme like common Header, Footer

Here is how you can include a common header, footer in drupal- <?php include ($directory.”/includes/header.php”); ?> “$directory” is a variable automatically available in Drupal which holds the value of a path to your currently executed theme.

Drupal- How to add a drop down menu to your website using CSS SuckerFish Menu

A drop down menu can be easily added to you website using basic CSS. Here we will explain that how to add a drop down menu to your drupal theme using one of the best menu system available- SuckerFish Menu.

Drupal- How to place a “name” attribute anchor link in menu item

If you are trying to place a “name” attribute in menu hyperlink then this can be accomplished by declaring  a function in your template.php file as below-

Drupal- List of Top most useful Drupal Modules, add on modules

When I started with drupal I installed number of modules which can be helpful in achieving a particular task. I am just listing down the top most important modules which are required for a full fledged website development using CMS- Drupal- There are no download links provided for some of the modules but they can […]

Drupal- How to disable “Submitted by” author, date in Content Pages, Content Types

This can be easily disabled in Themes Global Setting configuration found at- Go to Admin -> Themes -> “Configure” Tab -> Global Settings. You can find the settings in this section.