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Executing and Creating Selenium RC automation test cases using Pear Selenium package

Download and install latest Java JRE (if does not exist on your system) Make sure you have installed PHP and its path is set in your environment so that you can execute php through command prompt. For reference check step 3 and 4 of article Download Selenium server and start the server through following […]

Drupal- Ten Easy Step to Step Guide on How to Run Multiple Web Sites from single Drupal Installation with the same code base (multi-site)

The key is that you need to create multiple MySQl database (for different websites), create a new directory in “/sites/your-site-name” folder which includes “default.setting.php” file renamed to “settings.php” and finally have your virtual host settings correctly setup. Thats it!

Install PHPUnit Manually without Pear for a Single Project to test source code classes with or without Wamp/XAMP installation

Step By Step Guide to install PHPUnit This tutorial is an easy start to test your PHP source code which is build using classes i.e. OOP’s with/without wamp/xamp doesn’t really matter. The key to PHPUnit installation is set correct include path of your PHPUnit directory and extend correct phpUnit class in test case file. Related […]