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Executing and Creating Selenium RC automation test cases using Pear Selenium package

Download and install latest Java JRE (if does not exist on your system) Make sure you have installed PHP and its path is set in your environment so that you can execute php through command prompt. For reference check step 3 and 4 of article Download Selenium server and start the server through following […]

Parse / Read RSS Feed using PHP

Reading any RSS feed using PHP is not a complex job. RSS feed is also a kind of XML with information defined in a pre-defined format. So the task is simple. We need to read the remote RSS file, parse the XML and display the content. Thats it!!! I have observed that programmers these days […]

Jquery Tabbing, Create Tab using Jquery, Jquery Tabbing Made Easy

Jquery has really made life very easy for javascript programmers. Traditionally we used to create tabbing in a website page using javascript show /hide methods. But always used to stuck with browser compatibility bugs.