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Tutorial on how to create a theme in Drupal or create custom theme in Drupal

Tutorial on how to create a theme in Drupal or create custom theme in Drupal Following is the step by step guide to create a theme in drupal. Lets say name of your new theme is “mytheme“. Where to place the theme? All custom themes are generally places in “sites/all/themes/” folder. Create a “themes” folder […]

Install PHPUnit Manually without Pear for a Single Project to test source code classes with or without Wamp/XAMP installation

Step By Step Guide to install PHPUnit This tutorial is an easy start to test your PHP source code which is build using classes i.e. OOP’s with/without wamp/xamp doesn’t really matter. The key to PHPUnit installation is set correct include path of your PHPUnit directory and extend correct phpUnit class in test case file. Related […]

Drupal- What is the difference between Page.tpl.php and Node.tpl.php in drupal?

There is a very basic question which everyone asks that what is the basic differences between node.tpl.php and page.tpl.php? Page.tpl.php This template holds the wireframe of the webpage/website like- blocks, regions, header, footer, css, js files and most importantly “main content” etc..

Drupal- How to include a file in drupal template, theme like common Header, Footer

Here is how you can include a common header, footer in drupal- <?php include ($directory.”/includes/header.php”); ?> “$directory” is a variable automatically available in Drupal which holds the value of a path to your currently executed theme.

Drupal- How to add a drop down menu to your website using CSS SuckerFish Menu

A drop down menu can be easily added to you website using basic CSS. Here we will explain that how to add a drop down menu to your drupal theme using one of the best menu system available- SuckerFish Menu.

Drupal- How to place a “name” attribute anchor link in menu item

If you are trying to place a “name” attribute in menu hyperlink then this can be accomplished by declaringĀ  a function in your template.php file as below-

Drupal- List of Top most useful Drupal Modules, add on modules

When I started with drupal I installed number of modules which can be helpful in achieving a particular task. I am just listing down the top most important modules which are required for a full fledged website development using CMS- Drupal- There are no download links provided for some of the modules but they can […]

Drupal- How to disable “Submitted by” author, date in Content Pages, Content Types

This can be easily disabled in Themes Global Setting configuration found at- Go to Admin -> Themes -> “Configure” Tab -> Global Settings. You can find the settings in this section.

Javascript Lightweight News Ticker, Scroller CSS Based Customisable

There are many news headline scrollers, tickers available, but, this is a pure javascript lightweight news ticker/scroller for a website. Easy to use and 100% customizable using CSS. Following are the features you can look for in this ticker-

htaccess Rewrite Rule: Redirect to Index page from any subfolder

There have been always a requirement from the webmasters to redirect the user to a certain page from a particular folder at server level. Certainly when some folders of the website are no more in use. Infact created a new website in which some old website folders does not exist.

Parse / Read RSS Feed using PHP

Reading any RSS feed using PHP is not a complex job. RSS feed is also a kind of XML with information defined in a pre-defined format. So the task is simple. We need to read the remote RSS file, parse the XML and display the content. Thats it!!! I have observed that programmers these days […]

Jquery Tabbing, Create Tab using Jquery, Jquery Tabbing Made Easy

Jquery has really made life very easy for javascript programmers. Traditionally we used to create tabbing in a website page using javascript show /hide methods. But always used to stuck with browser compatibility bugs.

Jquery Lightbox Image Display with Previous Next Functionality Slideshow

I remember 3-4 years back we used to display a Large Image/ Data in a popup window. JavaScript Popup window ( function). Recent Web 2.0 application has changed the way we view images data on the website. We are talking about a Lighbox. Lightbox is nothing but a Div layer with zindex above the window […]

Jquery Add New Text Fields Dynamically

We have already disucssed with examples the power of Jquery, whether it is Jquery with Ajax, image uploading, form validation etc. We can very easily add fields dynamically to our html code dynamically. This means a virtual HTML code is inserted into your HTML code. The basic fundamental is that we are just appending required […]

What you need to Create Cutting Edge Website

Have you ever wondered that what you need to develop fancy, competitive, appealing, easy to use, friendly websites? Yes, this is what developers all over the world are wondering that “Hey, how did this website incorporated this friendly feature?”. The solution is easy-